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ASP.NET Factory

code generator tools for simple 3 layer architecture.

 ASP.NET Factory

Paradox CRM

office 2007 look-like UI, full open-source CRM project


Data Loader

 mass download all kind of material and category into a single docuemnt server


Smith Builder

  • 100% C# .NET written
  • Base on ORM technologies, , OOP paradigm
  • Fully separated business logic and presentation interface in different part
  • Full of sample, Tool and Demonstration
  • Support database: SQL Server, MySql ,Oracle, etc.


ERP Solution

 rapid development application framwork for ERP/MIS ,wirtten in C#.NET


Template Studio

tempate editor for code generation in .NET


Management Console

very good tool pulg-in framework, make your development plug-in application easily and quickly, with modern tab-mdi appearance


LLBL Pro Trace

trace LLBL Gen sql script and transform it to read-able sql , help me find the problem in your ORM sytem



n-tier RAD application suite, Visit his blog at  for more information.

if you have any better idea or suggestions, please feel free to contact me by ,thank you for your time.

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